Lake Lillian, Minnesota

A Friendly Town

C & C

C & C Annual Events and Activities:

 First Quarter (January – March):

            C & C Banquet

            PR Game Day/Night

            Food Shelf – Pack the Rig (Fire Dept.)

            Easter Egg Hunt in Park

 Second Quarter (April – June):

            College Scholarship Applications

            Bikers – 4K for Cancer

            Park Clean-up

            City Flower Planting

 Third Quarter (July – September):

            LL Fun Days

            Thank C & C Members for their membership and how their dues contribute to the community.

                        Include Mission Statement and encourage membership.  

Fourth Quarter (October – December):

            Harvest Festival

            Pie & Turkey Give Away

            Lighting Contest (need date and judges)

            Tour of Homes

            Santa Train/Visit

            Promote LL Bucks for Christmas Gifts

            Election of Officers/Directors (discuss length of term-2 years vs. one??)

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